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CTB by Charlie Fleed

A Final Fantasy X-like Battle System, version 3.1 (4-7-2010)

LATEST FEATURES: Flying Actors, Grandia-like BAR, ATB-like bars, Party members Switching, Transformations, FFX-like Summon Abilities Learning, Steal, Skills Drain/Aspire/Demi with different damage animations, Support for 6/8 chars (depending on the status style), Summons, Individual Battle Commands, Auto-Phoenix


Hi all. This is a custom FFX-like battle system. It includes summons, individual battle commands and many other features.
I hope you will enjoy it, and I invite you to report bugs and give comments, suggestions...



Author's notes (updated to v3.0)

This system does not use the SDK. Please do not ask for an SDK compatible version, I will not release any.
You can publish the system in your site/forum provided that you:
1) insert a link to this page;
2) use the demo URL found in this page (do not upload on other file sharing services, do not post the script as text);
3) report the terms of use specified below.

Terms of use

The battle system is free for use in non-commercial games, provided that credit is given to me as the author, or the original author if you use a modified version of it. For its use in commercial games, please contact me.
These terms also apply to all the previous versions of the system (including the ones under the name "CTB by Charlie Lee").
The battle system uses the script "Minkoff's Animated Battlers - Enhanced" by DerVVulfman. For its terms of use, please refer to this page:


Individual turn based BS: different actions cause different delays.
All actions are executed immediately (i.e. zero casting time, only a delay after the action execution).

Support for 8 chars during battle (6 if you use style 1).
Individual Battle Commands.
Transformations, Summons, Party Switching, Limitbreaks/Overdrives.
FFX-like Skill Learning System for Summons/Aeons.

CUSTOM SKILLS: Shield, Sacrifice, Drain, Aspire, Demi, Steal, Reflect, Drakoken.
Advanced targetting (if it can be called so): depending on the skill, the target may be:

a single element either ally or enemy (reflex for example);
a single enemy or all the enemies (see double slash in the demo).

Attacking all the enemies deals half damage.

CUSTOM STATES: Priority, Thievery, Reflect, Reaction, Auto-Phoenix, Double EXP, Regen, Auto-Life, Stop Time, MP 1, Half MP, Doom, Zombie, Stone.
Multiple states are shown through cycling text during battle.

Custom damage sprite animation for SP and HP loss and gain.
Two Status battle styles available.
Animated HP bars.
Target indicator in the turns bar.

A modified status window that shows the exp points for the learning process.
A status window available during battles.
A window showing the turns.
I'm sure I'm missing something... if you see anything non-standard... it was me.



Please refer to the pdf that is included in the demo.


A lot of people ask questions regarding Minkoff/DerVVulfman's animation system:

Why do not my battlers show up correctly?
How can I move the battlers?
I don't like the positions of the battlers, how can I change them?
Can I configure the enemies/party members to be static and/or not animated?

Q: Can I use default battlers?
A: Yes, you can do it with the proper configuration of Animated Battlers. Read the PDF GUIDE FOR ANIMATED BATTLERS.

Q: Can I use character sets or spritesheets with 7 or 10 rows and 6 frames?
A: Yes, you can do it with the proper configuration of Animated Battlers. Read the PDF GUIDE FOR ANIMATED BATTLERS.

Q: My archer shouldn't run towards the enemy when he attacks with his bow...
A: Find MNK_STATIONARY_WEAPONS = [17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24] in the configuration of Animated Battlers and put all the IDs of your bows, guns, etc.

Q: How can I change the party positions?
A: With the introduction of Animated Battlers Enhanced version 12.3, you need a script called Formation System, which is available here. Refer to the PDF GUIDE FOR ANIMATED BATTLERS for the details.

For all this stuff please also refer to this page for instructions.

27 commenti:

  1. You have a wonderful system here! But I have a silly problem here: I've never played FFX before, so I really can't understand what some of the skills and status do (while others are pretty much self-explanatory).

    Shield, Sacrifice, Drain, Aspire, Demi, Steal, Reflect, Drakoken Priority, Thievery, Reflect, Reaction, Auto-Phoenix, Double EXP, Regen, Auto-Life, Stop Time, MP 1, Half MP, Doom, Zombie, Stone....

    Since it would take long for you to explain those, could you perhaps indicate a site where I could learn about those? That is, if you based them on skills/status from FFX. I've already looked at gamefaqs D8

    Thanks for your time!

  2. Both skills and states are a mix from several games, so there is not a single place where you can find all the explanations you need.
    Make a list of those you don't understand and I will try to explain them. Eventually I could put these explanations in the next guide, so it's something that will come in handy later for me too. :)

  3. I don't understand the difference between Shield and Sacrifice. Stop Time doesn't have a description and as far as I've played, it doesn't seem to do anything, I'm not sure if it should affect enemies or allies.

    There's the Berserk status in the database, but I didn't see it being used in battle, so I'm not sure of what it does either (though I can imagine, since it's kind of self-explanatory).

    Also, there are these two status, Delayed and Slow. Aren't they just the same thing?

    The rest I think I've managed to figure them out by myself! =)

    Thanks for the fast reply!

  4. Shield puts the user in Defend (guard) position, while Sacrifice doesn't.

    When a battler is in Stop Time state, his actions do not produce a delay, so he gets consecutive turns.

    Berserk is not a "special handled" state, it's just a custom state I put in the demo.

    Delayed and Slow are in fact the same.

  5. Thanks so much, that helped a lot! :)

  6. Hi there! I'd really like to try out your CTB, but your download link isn't working. ^_^

  7. This is great! I'm just wondering on how to make the enemies non-animated. I'd like to keep the characters animated, but have simplistic non-animated enemies. What should I change to make that happen? This is one killer CBS!

  8. Hi, Josh.
    In the configuration of Animated Battlers, near the beginning, change this:

    DEFAULT_ENEMY = true

  9. Right! I should have looked a bit harder on that one. Thanks, haha.
    Well so far I've gotten this baby customized the way I like it. I've taken the time to try to figure out as much as I can, but I can't seem to figure out how to make it so that when an actor uses a skill, he disappears until the battle animation has ended.
    What I'm doing is in the battler sprite sheet, I erased the skill pose so it's blank, then when an actor uses a skill he disappears, but I'll have his sprite within the battle animation so I could animate him however I want. I just don't want him to be in 2 places at once, haha.
    So I guess when he uses a skill, he goes to the skill pose (being blank) and returns to his normal pose once the entire battle animation is finished.
    Hopefully that makes sense?
    If you could give me some quick pointers or help of any kind, that would be awesome.

  10. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  11. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  12. The problem is that there are two animations involved, the user's animation and the target's animation.
    The "skill pose" is used during the first one, and afterwards, when it's finished, the character retuns to the "standing pose" and the target's animation begins.
    Therefore, by putting a blank sprite in the skill row of the spritesheet, you can make the user disappear, but that will last only for the first part of the attack. I think you obtain the same result by using the "hide target" function in the user's animation btw.

    I will have to ask DerVVulfman if there is some workaround to this problem, as he's the expert on the matter of animations. I'll let you know.

  13. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  14. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

  15. Okay, apparently I have the solution. It appears that by setting a skill to use a pose out of the spritesheet or a blank row, like in:
    MNK_POSES_SKILLS = {167 => 13}
    and setting a high number of frames for that pose:
    MNK_FRAMES_PER_POSE = {13 => 20}
    you can actually manage to make the attacker disappear WHILE the target animation is executed!

  16. Right on! That worked great! Thanks!

  17. When I try to use the "cure" on the map
    in the ability scene does not work ..
    but when I see the main scene, the hero was healed and did not lose sp "

  18. Hehe, Hi there!
    I hope is not too late but... Is there a way to make the faces appear by using the character number and not the name? Is just that I wanted to have the option of changing the summons name.

    Again, sorry if it's too late and thanks!... >.<

  19. Hi, I stick around but I don't actively support my scripts anymore. That can be done with a few changes on the script, but I suggest you to ask a scripter that is active to do it for you.

  20. Hello, Charlie Fleed.
    I love your battle system, but I have a problem. When I use "SWITCH" to change hero in battle, another character enters combat. The problem is when the battle ends, the character that replaces it is the protagonist. The player uses the substitute, not the main character.
    How I can change that? Can I make the main character, although it has been changed during the battle, being again the protagonist?
    Thank you very much.
    A greeting.

    ---- Te lo escribo también es español por si lo entiendes mejor, ya que eres italiano-----

    Hola, Charlie Fleed.
    Me encanta tu sistema de batatalla, pero tengo un problema. Cuando cambio al protagonista en la batalla y entra otro personaje a luchar por él, el personaje sustituto se queda como el protagonista. Cuando la batalla termina, el jugador usa al sustituto como personaje, no al protagonista.
    ¿Cómo puedo cambiar eso? ¿Cómo puedo hacer que el protagonista vuelva a ser el personaje que controla el jugador? gracias.

  21. Hello, Charlie Fleed.
    How to make Battle Layout like this
    I mean how to configure it because Battle Layout in Demo not like that, and I want ask too how to configure Battle Command like White, Black, Tech, and Summon not for all party, I mean only Mage Class can use White, and Black Magic and only Summoner Class can use Summon.
    Sorry if I ask too much but I really confuse to configure it and I'm bad on scripting.
    Thx before and sorry if my English bad.

  22. Hi, the layout option is in the configuration. Change the STATUS_WINDOW_STYLE option between 1, 2 and 3.
    I don't know what version you have, download 3.2 and you will find a manual that explains everything.

  23. Hi Charlie, I was looking for your command STATUS_WINDOW_STYLE for an InGame swap. Like call script: STATUS_WINDOW_STYLE = 2 just before an important battle and call de 3 right after. But how to do it? And I can't download your pdf manual, the link bring me on a pup up pub... Thx

    1. Is there a way to refresh the script without starting a new game? I made a first demo of my game and after this release, I added more summon and then when I try to add these summon skill to a character I got this error: undefined method 'actors_ids' for nil:NilClass Script 'Summons 0.9' line 945... The only way to bypass this error is to do a new game. Hope you will answer

    2. I'm truly sorry, I no longer support my RPG Maker script. I advise you to find help at

  24. The predicted turn order display looks really good, but I can't find the script for it anywhere.