sabato 3 aprile 2010

CTB by Charlie Fleed

A Final Fantasy X-like Battle System, version 3.1 (4-7-2010)

LATEST FEATURES: Flying Actors, Grandia-like BAR, ATB-like bars, Party members Switching, Transformations, FFX-like Summon Abilities Learning, Steal, Skills Drain/Aspire/Demi with different damage animations, Support for 6/8 chars (depending on the status style), Summons, Individual Battle Commands, Auto-Phoenix


Hi all. This is a custom FFX-like battle system. It includes summons, individual battle commands and many other features.
I hope you will enjoy it, and I invite you to report bugs and give comments, suggestions...



Author's notes (updated to v3.0)

This system does not use the SDK. Please do not ask for an SDK compatible version, I will not release any.
You can publish the system in your site/forum provided that you:
1) insert a link to this page;
2) use the demo URL found in this page (do not upload on other file sharing services, do not post the script as text);
3) report the terms of use specified below.

Terms of use

The battle system is free for use in non-commercial games, provided that credit is given to me as the author, or the original author if you use a modified version of it. For its use in commercial games, please contact me.
These terms also apply to all the previous versions of the system (including the ones under the name "CTB by Charlie Lee").
The battle system uses the script "Minkoff's Animated Battlers - Enhanced" by DerVVulfman. For its terms of use, please refer to this page:


Individual turn based BS: different actions cause different delays.
All actions are executed immediately (i.e. zero casting time, only a delay after the action execution).

Support for 8 chars during battle (6 if you use style 1).
Individual Battle Commands.
Transformations, Summons, Party Switching, Limitbreaks/Overdrives.
FFX-like Skill Learning System for Summons/Aeons.

CUSTOM SKILLS: Shield, Sacrifice, Drain, Aspire, Demi, Steal, Reflect, Drakoken.
Advanced targetting (if it can be called so): depending on the skill, the target may be:

a single element either ally or enemy (reflex for example);
a single enemy or all the enemies (see double slash in the demo).

Attacking all the enemies deals half damage.

CUSTOM STATES: Priority, Thievery, Reflect, Reaction, Auto-Phoenix, Double EXP, Regen, Auto-Life, Stop Time, MP 1, Half MP, Doom, Zombie, Stone.
Multiple states are shown through cycling text during battle.

Custom damage sprite animation for SP and HP loss and gain.
Two Status battle styles available.
Animated HP bars.
Target indicator in the turns bar.

A modified status window that shows the exp points for the learning process.
A status window available during battles.
A window showing the turns.
I'm sure I'm missing something... if you see anything non-standard... it was me.



Please refer to the pdf that is included in the demo.


A lot of people ask questions regarding Minkoff/DerVVulfman's animation system:

Why do not my battlers show up correctly?
How can I move the battlers?
I don't like the positions of the battlers, how can I change them?
Can I configure the enemies/party members to be static and/or not animated?

Q: Can I use default battlers?
A: Yes, you can do it with the proper configuration of Animated Battlers. Read the PDF GUIDE FOR ANIMATED BATTLERS.

Q: Can I use character sets or spritesheets with 7 or 10 rows and 6 frames?
A: Yes, you can do it with the proper configuration of Animated Battlers. Read the PDF GUIDE FOR ANIMATED BATTLERS.

Q: My archer shouldn't run towards the enemy when he attacks with his bow...
A: Find MNK_STATIONARY_WEAPONS = [17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24] in the configuration of Animated Battlers and put all the IDs of your bows, guns, etc.

Q: How can I change the party positions?
A: With the introduction of Animated Battlers Enhanced version 12.3, you need a script called Formation System, which is available here. Refer to the PDF GUIDE FOR ANIMATED BATTLERS for the details.

For all this stuff please also refer to this page for instructions.